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THREE EASY STEPS TO REGISTER. It is as simple as 1-2-3! 

Step 1

To apply for a place at KIS, kindly provide the requested documents and pay the application fee. This application fee will only be paid once throughout one’s educational experience at KIS.


The requested documents are: 

- Current transcripts and/or student records
- 2 photos passeports
- $50 application fee (non refundable).

Kindly note that KIS’ administration will not receive incomplete applications and will only accept a limited number of students: 18 for the kindergarten cycle, 24 for primary and lower secondary education, and 32 students for upper secondary education.


Please note that KIS will not be accepting applications once this number of students is reached. 

Step 2

Prior to being accepted at KIS, each application will be reviewed and examined by a committee that includes the School Management, the Administrator, the Academic Advisor, and the Teacher that will be teaching the specific class to which the student is applying to.


After the application has been examined, and if your child meets all the requirements, the committee will issue a favourable opinion. You will thus be invited to the school in order to meet the School Management, to visit the school premises, and ultimately pay the school fees for the first quarter of the academic year (Sept. – Nov. 2017), or pay for the entire academic year and benefit from specific advantages. Kindly visit our School Fees section to learn more about the fees and the benefits.


In the event of an unsuccessful application, you will be notified about the denial of admission and an explanation will be provided. Kindly note, a student can be denied admission if KIS’s educational body is not able to meet in an adequate way the behavioural and/or learning deficits of students.

Attention: The application fee is non refundable.

Step 3

Congratulations! You have successfully been enrolled at Kivu International School! Parents will be required to sign the rules of procedures and KIS’s curricular project.   

This is the time for students to pick and order their school uniform, their daily planner, their textbooks, their notebooks, their sports gear, their favourite extra-curricular activities, their locker, and all is left is time to enjoy a new academic year.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address 

or through our phone number: +243 0990 383 001 

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