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With a qualified teaching staff, a good quality education, and infrastructures that meet international standards, Kivu International School’s aim is to encourage students to fully use and develop their intellectual, creative, cultural, social, emotional and physical potential.


This is of paramount importance so that each student can become a motivated, responsible and resourceful person; one who understands the environment and the world in which he/she lives, and to eventually possess the adequate assets to contribute to improving today’s world. 

KIS’s Objectives 


A place for learning and discovering​

 KIS’ goal is to   

  • Encourage students to become committed and responsible citizens that have the knowledge and necessary skills to participate in the development of the country in a global perspective. 

  • Pass on to students the knowledge and necessary skills for a successful higher education performance, in Congo, as well as in other universities in the world. 

  • Develop in-depth knowledge in both languages of instruction offered at KIS: French and English, along with elementary notions of Swahili. 

  • Strengthen students’ open-mindedness in each and every aspect that surround them and allow them to have a new outlook on everyday life and the world.  

A place for personal development and learning ways of living together

 KIS will ensure to:                  

  • Create and maintain a learning environment that is favorable to the development of each student.  

  • Establish an overall harmonious contact between the students and the educational team. 

  • Instill proper civic attitudes and behaviors to students that take with respect differences of sensibility, interest, and socioeconomic or sociocultural backgrounds. 

  • KIS welcomes people of all faiths. KIS encourages the learning and inter-religious dialogue during citizenship courses. 

A place for learning about sport and health

  • Help students develop social, emotional and physical health awareness, and practice this mixed and varied lifestyle through sport, a well-balanced diet and healthy social relations. 

  • Encourage students to practice and participate in sport and recreational activities in order to develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain this latter throughout their lives. 

  • Pass on to students the guidelines to a healthy lifestyle and hygiene measures so as they can maintain a good health. Students will also be taught about appropriate preventive measures for some diseases. 

  • Help students better understand the way their bodies work, but also how each body will develop and change throughout time. This will also be of benefit to build a greater self-confidence and gain maturity for each student. 

A place for training and learning about the environment

  • Acquire fundamental knowledge about the environment.

  • Develop and foster a feeling of identity and sense of belonging in the community.

  • Acquire the qualities and skills needed for a proper observation and analysis of the natural phenomena that surround us. 

  • Support students in the awareness of today’s environmental realities and inspire and motivate them to become active agents of change. 

  • Motivating students to actively contribute, at both the individual and collective levels, to help resolve environmental, social and economic challenges.

A place for the promotion of culture, media, and emerging technologies

  • Pass on to students the tools and necessary skills for the promotion and use of emerging technologies, while encouraging a safe and responsible use of digital technologies.  

  • Encourage students to develop an analytical and critical mindset, as well as their intellectual curiosity. 

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