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Bureau administratif KIS
Stade de foot-ball kis school
Bibliothèque et Centre culturel
Terrain de Basket-ball
Classe Maternelle KIS
Labotatoire KIS
Bus scolaire KIS Goma
  • 21 classrooms

  • An auditorium (135 person capacity)

  • A dance/theater studio

  • Library with over 8000 books

  • An exhibit hall

  • A covered gymnasium with gum floor and stadium seating for up to 1,000 people

  • A miniature astro-turf soccer field

  • A medical office

  • Male and female locker rooms

  • Weight Room

  • Teachers work room

  • Teachers lounge

  • Management and administrative offices

Plan & infrastructure

Located in a unique and exceptional environment on the shore of lake Kivu, and equipped with the latest facilities that are in line with international standards, KIS provides a framework that is conducive to the development of each student. 

Student Administration Building

Located at the entrance of the school, the administration building includes the executive and management offices, and offers room for work and relaxation for the teaching staff. Like all the other buildings on the school premises, the administration building will feature a solar-powered enery system as well as a rainwater harvesting system to limit our environmental impact, and ensure autonomy of the project. 


Located near the sports complex, the cafetaria will be equipped with a modern kitchen in line with international standards and will be able to provide food to every student and all of the teaching staff. All of the cooking recipes will mainly use fresh products of the region to help promote the local and regional economy but also to guarantee good food hygiene for every student. 

Learning and Teaching Building 

The learning and teaching building includes 21 classrooms on three levels, each floor containing five (5) large classrooms and two (2) medium sized classrooms for the elective courses. In addition to the facilities required for adequate teaching for the classic subjects, this building will have dedicated classrooms for agriculture science, nature conservation and environmental protection. This infrastructure will be able to accommodate more than five hundred (500) students. Classrooms will be ultra-equipped to meet the requirements of the quality of education that KIS wishes to offer. 

Cultural Centre & Library :

We Are The World 

The cultural and media centre is designed to help boost creativity. The entrance is composed of glass panels offering a spectacular view of lake Kivu and the distant mountains. At the end of the staircase, this building offers a space of relaxation for students. A library and IT-centre are located on the first floor, while a dance studio, an auditorium for conferences and film projections, are located on the ground floor. This building will allow students to better enhance their learning through the use of independent research methods. 

World of Sport 

The sports complex “World of Sport” includes several recreational and sports facililities, among which a mini-football artificial pitch, a basketball court covered with a plasting lining and telescopic bleachers, a dressing room, a fitness room, and an infirmary.


This sports complex will be used for sports classes and extra-curricular activities.  

Sanitation Facilities 

There are 34 toilets on KIS’ premises, among which 18 are for students, while 16 are for the teaching staff. Toilets are built and adapted according to the age of students and gender differences are taken into account.  

L’école dispose d’aires de jeu spécifiques pour les enfants du cycle maternel,

séparées des enfants du primaire et du secondaire. 

Les constructions  répondent  aux normes de résistance en cas de secousses sismiques. 

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